Oct fair preview: 'Ladybird Likes'

 (maker zoe)


I can't get enough jewellery, it's an OBSESSION I have, that I have to be careful of.  Tatty Devine, Mawi, and many many etsy pinterest jewellery board is overflowing!

So, I am delighted that one of my all time top makers is coming to the Oct Reetsweet fair on Oct 6th at Leeds Corn exciting!

'Ladybird Likes' was started by Zoe Jade as a way to sell the things she created out of repurposed vintage doodads. It has since evolved into a business selling handmade jewellery and paper goods, all of which are still heavily influenced by the things Zoe finds at car boot sales and junk shops, and many items are made using original vintage papers and fabrics. 

From wooden butterfly necklaces made using French nature illustrations, to vintage ephemera packs containing papers handpicked from Zoe's personal stash, there is sure to be something to please everyone!

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