Oct Fair New maker: Jamie Mills

(jamie mills in disguise...spooky!) 

New to reetsweet, and doing some truly original work at the moment, we are proud to introduce you to the very talented Jamie Mills... an artist and illustrator currently residing in the hills of the Yorkshire countryside. There, he draws the textures, shapes and patterns of landscapes unknown and the stories in his head...

'I'm currently feeling really inspired by scientific, natural history drawings and how they are catalogued. I've always collected lots of things (bones, rocks, minerals, fossils, pine cones, plants etc) and have just started to really enjoy drawing these, learning more about them and cataloguing them in a kind of semi-scientific way. I think, over the last year or so, I've let the true observational drawing side of what I do slip a bit which is something I'm trying to rectify at the moment.'

Jamie has been a busy guy, the other week he was at the International Alternative Press Festival plus he's had a couple of drawings in exhibitions this month and he will be appearing at a few more fairs and exhibitions this winter.

We asked Jamie what kind of animal he would be, other than Jamie Mills, he said:

'I wouldn't mind being the lizard that I just found in my garden, aside from being a little lost he seemed like he had things pretty much worked out.'

Catch Jamie at the next reetsweet at Leeds Corn Exchange sat 6th's free to come down, as always, and we have a free learn to knit workshop too!  Come see us!

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