saying thankyou! (despite the weather)

(sophie wilson illustration)

Things have been a bit quiet around here as we have been booking in the Oct show for Leeds, organising some festival dates and planning in some new cities for sorry we weren't around!

Summer has been a great time to take stock of what's going on in the crafty scene, and to look forward to what we want reetsweet to achieve...

I began reetsweet in 2009 with help from my friend Emily (who taught me press releases!), the support of many people, and encouraged by many folk - Michelle Duxbury gave me a ton of advice, John Baron from The Guardian helped me spread the word, as did Darren from 'mylifeinleeds'... And of course there's been the people at The Corn Exchange, and the other venues who have welcomed us in,the amazing makers up and down the land who have taken part and of course, all the super nice customers too!

I hope that you still enjoy our little art fairs, and we hope to keep bringing you our unique take on the craft fair genre and making it bigger and more interesting! 

Here's a preview of some of the lovely things we're taking to our very first festival next week - Kendal Calling (just click photos to buy online!).

Big love

(helen memo print)

 (kitschensink jewellery)

(jodie anna jewellery)

(louise smurthwaite by moonko)

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