reetsweet's christmas at sheffield: previews

At the Sheffield fair we have two new artists to reetsweet's events - Carla and Ella. Both of these women are leaders in their field, producing modern and fashionable work using age old materirals and produce fresh and exciting ideas. A delight!

'My name is Carla Murdoch, I am 23 years old, my craft is ceramics but I also use textiles and wood. I have been a graduate for a year from the University of Sunderland.
I recently bought a kiln and some clay to get myself back into the crafty world.

I mainly make small trinkets like buttons and pieces for jewellery.
My work is fun and sometimes humorous, I make work for people to enjoy and admire. I have been a member of a photography group for almost a year and have been using photos of animals and p
lants to draw into the clay, adding these images to tiles and pots.'

'Pewter is an age-old metal which is seeped in history and tradition within the metalwork industry, which as a designer and maker fascinates Ella. Working from a small workshop in Clitheroe, Lancashire, this influence and inspiration can be seen in her work and has lead to an exploration of old methods of production.

Simplicity of form is used to challenge traditional pewter ware which tends to be heavy and over embellished. Ella's interest in the history of pewter used in our homes, as well as her modern, slightly graphic edge to her designs blend to create pieces that are striking and effective. Pewter is a metal which mellows over time and develops its own patina which gives each design a new character as it is aging. This is something that doesn't just make pewter a one-off purchase but a life long investment that develops as time goes on.

Ella graduated in 2007 with First grade Honours in Designed Metalwork and Jewellery from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University. Since being introduced to pewter in 2006 and winning the Pewter Live student competition run by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers, Ella continued to work with pewter whilst at university and took this time to learn more about the metal. This love of the metal has continued and now all of her work is based on pewter and its unique characteristics...'

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