reetsweet's christmas at sheffield: previews

(new ipad case - an amazing gift for christmas!)

Once in a while you meet someone nice, so nice, it hurts a little bit, and to top it off they are amazingly talented and so enthusiastic about craft! Meet Kay Guccione, (yes
we have a bit of a crush on her) she is the owner and maker behind lilidrawspictures - she has impeccable modish style and so does her range of bags...

'At lilidrawspictures we design and produce original mod-ish accessories, ox-strong book bags, and upcycled clutch purses. Work stuff: school stuff. We do so without sweatshop labour and with environmental kindness, using old favourite materials. Become a lilidrawspictures Facebook fan - http://www.facebook.com/lilidrawspictures or @lilidraws for your Tweets!'

Meet Kay at our next fair in Sheffield on sunday 27th Nov from 12pm to 4pm...

1 comment:

  1. Too kind too kind!

    I'm VERY much looking forward to the fair next week. I know I can trust Reetsweet to pick THE BEST selection of makers and sellers.

    See you there chaps.