reetsweet's christmas at sheffield

This winter we are delighted at reetsweet to carry on the work of our friends at craft candy in sheffield and will be at the prestigious millenium gallery near the train station on sunday 27th of this month from 12pm to 4pm! For more details see our events page here.

Meanwhile, we have an incredible amount of ma
ker talent from the next fair to preview to you right here on the blog! We are very proud to introduce hayley wright of born restless...

'Born Restless is a collection of embroidered art and jewellery, made by someone who is trying to live a little better and work a little less. Currently living in Manchester, I make most of the things you’ll see here in my bedroom at night, whilst listening to ghost stories on the radio. I’m inspired by ideas of home and memory, the occult, my regular nightmares, as well as anything else that seems like a great idea at the time.'

We love her work - it's refreshing and modern and very quirky! Check back this week for more previews...

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