reetsweet's christmas at sheffield: previews

Sheffield is diverse in it's range of makers, which has made selecting the christmas fair nov 27th so much fun for us at reetsweet....some more makers to show you at the nov fair very soon...

'Butterscotch & Beesting is a little business sell
ing confectionery, toys and handmade bits and pieces, powered by a sprinkling of magic and an ounce or two of imagination. It’s all made, designed and illustrated by me, Camilla, but in my head it’s run by two fictitious characters called Betty Butterscotch and Bumblewick Beesting, who together own Butterstings Circus – a magical place populated by troupes of dazzlingly talented performing animals. Betty’s story is that she used to be a quite remarkable trapeze artist, until her ‘accident’ (of which she still can’t bear to hear mention), and she now sells her delicious sweets and treats in the circus sweet shop. Bumblewick, meanwhile, is a conjurer of worldwide renown and is also the proprietor of the circus’ rather special shop...'

What is very special about Camilla's work is how the
original illustrations and narratives to draw you into the world of Betty and Bumblewick and their circus. Camilla's range includes magical potion kits, wands, potion bottles, confectionery, handmade ceramics, screen-printed t-shirts and jewellery, she plans to introduce more confectionery in the future, a book and....a boardgame!

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