leeds uni fair preview: jodie anna jewellery

And another great exhibitor at the leeds uni fair nov 8th...

Jodie Anna works from her home studio in the small village of Carlton in West Yorkshire famous for its Rhubarb; she creates illustrations based around the idea of childhood memories.

Captivated by the idea of how an object or any image can trigger memories and feelings of nostalgia; Jodie Anna creates illustrations narrating some of her happiest childhood memories, such as summers spent along the east coast to long evenings building dens, in the woods surrounding her childhood home. She is also hugely inspired by the Great British pastime, Afternoon tea which takes her back to Sunday afternoons spent at her Grandmas.

Jodie Anna then develops her illustrations in photoshop to add lovely vintage patterns to each item and to create a crisp finished image. All illustrations are then printed onto shrink plastic and heat shrunk to create beautiful pieces of wearable memories, which she hopes will bring a smile to its wearer.

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