leeds uni fair preview: yuyu

Appearing at the leeds university fair, Nov 8th for the first time reetsweet are proud to introduce to you yuyu...

The people behind Yuyu are Mark McKeown and Julie-Anne Hughes, both designers but with different design disciplines. Julie started her textile design journey at art school in Scotland. Over fifteen years on, having worked in top design studios in New York and London; Julie now lives in Leeds and divides her time between designing for Yuyu, teaching Illustrator to the textile students at Leeds College of Art, and most recently new mum to son Bertie.

Mark has nearly twenty years of experience in graphic and editorial design. They met back in 2004, since then Julie’s passion for surface pattern and screen-printing started to influence Mark’s everyday graphic design work. In 2007, they decided to combine their different skills and love of bold graphic prints (often influenced by the retro patterns they grew up with in the late seventies), to create Yuyu. They launched their first collection at Top Drawer in September 2008.

Nearly five years on, with a new baby and studio puss called Doris, they continue to design cards which are sold to independent retailers throughout the UK, Europe, America and Canada. They also undertake freelance commissions and licence their designs for a variety of different products.

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