Ginger is the new blonde...'Knock off ginger' By Hollie Kritikos-blades

My natural colour is a murky blonde, far from the warm ginger my Dad naturally once was, so I help nature along and go all out ginger because the little hints of it I have naturally just aren't enough. You could say that I am a 'Knock of ginger' (cringey link but who cares?) which is the name of the label Hollie Kritikos-blades is presenting at reetsweet this Hollie tells us a bit about what she does...

'I use archival paper scraps, found objects and images to produce handmade zines and artist’s books, as well as illustrative prints. Being specifically interested in the aesthetics of memento, time, and human interaction, the outcome of my work often resembles that of a diarist. By combining old, and often kitsch imagery, with gritty prose my prints can be at once charming and melancholic.

After working within this medium for almost 6 years I have recently enjoyed exhibiting work around Leeds; including Woodhouse, Headingley, Holbeck, Hyde Park, and Burley.'

Hollie will be appearing at reetsweet art design and neo craft fair this sunday in the Leeds Corn Exchange!

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