Are you meeting reetsweet this sunday?...7th November at The Corn Exchange

Cake eaten today: two
Cups of tea: 4

Stews attempted: 1
Emails sent: 20

Stress levels: a little higher than usual!
Excitement level: high

Hello everyone who's been following the blog, or using our facebook page - this sunday 7th november it will be reetsweet at the corn exchange - an art, design and neo craft fair.

Entry is free and we'd love to see you there! Check out our recent posts to view some of the brilliant stallholders that will be there.......and the picture? It is random, that's my Mum & Dad a few (cough!) years ago, they look pretty and stylish and they are better looking than me so with such a friendly grin on their faces I thought it would be fun to invite you with that picture! Who could resist?!

Much love

Becki from reetsweet!

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