Re-used loveliness by Zinc White

It's amazing how differently people can approach their art and design work - Zinc White produce some truly original work featuring reused, and recycled materials, from found objects to cast off fabrics. At reetsweet this sunday Zinc White will be showcasing their handmade homewares and accessories....

Worn men’s shirts become handbags, old tents are reinvented as wallets and from melted audio cassettes we mould lampshades. Children’s toys are transformed into personal memories to be loved again and we use broken typewriters and recycled colouring pencils to create jewellery.

Zinc White have gift boxes that are created from unwanted record sleeves and product labels are printed onto artists’ canvas off-cuts.

None of this is your typical handmade from recycled either, cool design is also their primary driving force. Zinc White are Lidia & Paul and they come from fine art and architecture backgrounds...see them at reetsweet this sunday 11am to 4pm!

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