Oui Oui Elodie G!

Hi there all! I have been slacking off this week as I had a nasty bout of tonsilitus! But I'm back with a vengeance with two new peeps to introduce you to, beginning with the works of Elodie G... Tell us a bit about youself!!..

I started doing indie pop fanzines in the mid-90s when I lived in France. It was all about D.I.Y. at the time, not 'crafting'.

Some of my cartoonist friends started a fanzine, around the same time, in my city (Nice) and I joined in to write about music.

But it totally inspired me to start drawing my own cartoons!

I moved to England in 1997, on the day of Lady Di's funeral (and the pilot asked for a minute silence on the plane... So it's stuck in my mind forever).

I had a few years of Indie pop madness living with the legendary Shaun Alcock from The Real Losers and even shared a house with Mr James Green.

I started a band, joined another, did lots of fanzines, started making bags that I sold at gigs... I even met Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair slept in my bed!

One fine day, I moved to Sheffield, got married, started a comic called 'Chop chop' which was an anthology of people I knew in Sheffield who drew comics.

Another fine day, I gave birth to teeny twin girls and got the sewing machine out again and slowly got back into sewing and making little handmade comics again!

I get inspired by everyday things that make me smile, laugh or sometimes totally annoy me!

Mr James Green and I decided to start doing craft fair this year. We are thoroughly enjoying it and I am very much looking forward to Reet Sweet as I lived in Leeds for 5 years!

Elodie G will be appearing at reetsweet on Nov 7th at the leeds corn exchange selling her fantastic zines, prints and doodles...I can't wait!

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