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....Ohh saucy today! Introducing Beky as well today who runs 'The Vintage Jewellery Box' and is coming to showcase at reetsweet...perfect christmas pressies ladies (and boyfriends!)

Tell us about how you got into this craft?

I first got into making jewellery in my early teens when I mostly worked with beading but then I more or less forgot about it when I went away to university. I got back into making things about five years ago after being a bit bored of what was available in the shops and wanting to be able to create something a bit different to wear. This progressed to me deciding to sell some of my pieces on-line and I’m now in the process of setting up my own website. I mainly focus on necklaces, earrings and bracelets but have also just started to play around with some cute little broaches and hairpins that will be available soon.

What keeps you motivated?

There are two things really, the idea of being able to create and wear something individual and different to what’s around in most shops and the pleasure that I get from having other people choose to wear my pieces as

well! I also just really enjoy browsing for new charms and lockets whether this is in antique shops or on-line and just getting inspired to make new pieces out of the things that I find.

Beky will be bringing her lovely stall to Leeds Corn Exchange with reetsweet Nov 7th...

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