Oldies but goodies! Come meet Bec, Jill and Brionny at Reetsweet Dec

We have a few regulars at reetsweet who epitomise what the fairs are about: the original, the fun, the quirky and cool.

Bec Gilray, obsessive letterpress operative behind 'Do you punctuate?' will be back to sell at the Dev show with a new collection of Christmas paper goods, plus some old all-year/round favourites:

Plus we welcome back Jill Smith from 'Jil made this' who now hosts her work at the lovely 'Handpicked Hall' at the top of town, Jill was one of first reetsweeters to join our gang with her hand printed cushions and gifts:

And last but certainly not least, we can't wait to see what Brionny from 'Foxbunting' has been beavering away making. Her iconic 'crochetdermy' heads have become part of reetsweet's biggest hits and we always look forward to seeing her excellent fringe (nb: wish mine would stay that straight!):

Catch these beauts and more at reetsweet's Dec 7th show in Leeds.

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