Easter Fair Preview: 'Gallons of ink'...

A big hit at her last reetsweet appearance, Chloe from 'Gallons of Ink' will be back at the East Fair on April 6th at Leeds Corn Exchange...get your purses out, this looks like an especially good line up people!...

'Hello, I'm Chloe; the tiny illustrator behind Gallons Of Ink.  I draw on anything I can: paper, envelopes, desks, other people. Most of the books that I own have been ruined by drawings in the margins, or on those random blank pages at the end of the story.  

I moved onto crafts a couple of years ago & started to sell pendants & rings that I embellished with tiny versions of my drawings. I'm always looking for new ways to display my work which has resulted in a line of kitchenwares decorated with dinosaurs, and many cushions featuring various creatures. I will draw anything on any object if I think that it will make people smile.'

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