April Event: Introducing 'Pinegrove Leather'

There's something about the smell of leather, and the way it ages so beautifully (like us all ladies and gents!) that time and again makes it a dream material. It lasts, it can be embossed, tooled, shaped, dyed, and made into wonderful objects. So, I was incredibly happy that the team from 'Pinegrove Leather' applied for the April fair...

The company is run by Rod Boyes and Lou Comerford, the name was born from a song Rod used to sing in 'The Cajun Aces Dance Band'.  They describe their style as 'modern vintage', their work taking influences from art nouveau and old western america. The leather they use real and natural, and 100% ethically sourced.  

All their pieces are designed by them and made by local craftspeople in Yorkshire and Lancashire.  They are proud of their products and believe they should be should be well made and long lasting, so they only use high quality leather and strong thread.  The range includes ipad and kindle cases, musicians case, passport holders and notebook covers.

We are very glad to have 'Pinegrove Leather' with us on April 6th at Leeds Corn Exchange! Flying the flag for ethically made british leather work...


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