New maker preview: Nellie&Moo at the april event

I am a huge fan of letter writing and postcards, I hate not knowing my friends' handwriting or getting cards on special days, new maker 'Nellie&Moo' is therefore, right up my street...

'Nellie & Moo is all about beautiful bespoke stationery and paper goods.  We aim to produce unique and stylish paper treats with a modern twist,  for a range of special occasions and events.  
We work hard to produce a range of delicious products, including wedding invitations, announcement cards, note cards, change of address cards and greetings cards, but we are always open to new ideas if you require something different.  

We aim to produce individual pieces and ranges that are bespoke to each individual customer, with quality and style at the forefront. All of our paper goods are produced to the highest standard, using the best materials and with the most love and attention. Anything is possible at Nellie & Moo.'

Catch Nellie&Moo at the april reetsweet fair, saturday 6th april 2013. Free entry! 

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