New maker preview: Becci Maryanne at the april event

I am so excited about the next event, I mean, I get excited about them all, but in april there's always a little more spring in everyone's step, the weather's getting nicer, the days longer and the heating needs to be put on less, I just love it. I am also in love with a new artist that will be with us on april 6th, her wonderfully weird and pretty work will definitely be something I'll be hanging on my walls this year;

'I’m Becci Maryanne – an illustrator/artist based in Leeds. I am somewhat obsessed with science magazines and evolution and things like that. I guess that as a result of that fascination, I’ve grown sort of obsessed with nature! 

I think that a lot of popular art now tries to make a statement. Which is fine - but mine doesn’t. I get asked all the time what my things mean. They mean nothing beyond the fact that I think that animals are stunning and ridiculously awesome. I like to imagine the lives that they have. It's shit to think that a bird just sits around all day waiting to die. I prefer the idea that when he's singing in the morning, he's actually yelling at his Mrs because she didn't come home last night and he heard from Tony that she was at Paul's. That's why I make the things I do. I like the idea that my art is just fun - it makes people smile and it’s weird/intriguing to look at. 

People can make up their own minds about what it means or what’s actually even happening in it! I much prefer that level of interactivity. I use mainly ink and watercolour to make my paintings, but sometimes I'll very lightly collage - generally I use science magazines, just to sort of fit in with everything else. I like the fact that my paintings of animals are sort of wrapped in people writing about the science behind animals.'

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