Dec Maker Spotlight: Bec Gilray from 'Do you punctuate?'

Bec Gilray has taken part in reetsweet a few times now, and she holds a particular warm spot in my heart.  She is absolutely lovely, and also utterly nuts about printing.

She began her studio 'Do you punctuate?' after completing her MA and making this personal statement to start off her blog:

April 6th 2009
'We use it everyday, for all manner of purposes. It helps define the written language, possession, voice, emotion, emphasis, illustration. It is given an immense task in a world that is weighed down by its demand for more information. The collection of punctuation marks that litter the English language, to some have become redundant and to others, are precious gems that define English, giving meaning and purpose to ambiguity and chaos.

 I have wanted to explore the uses of punctuation for many reasons. The first came about when text messaging became popular and a new language developed. I briefly touched upon the text language for my degree and it hasn’t left me since. With the MA, I wanted to understand how a ‘tool of typography’ could possibly survive in such a small place, with fewer than 160 characters for each SMS message. This interest however, has moved into how other electronic devices are changing the way we communicate through the written.'

She then went on to become a collector of printing tools, an avid pupil of the differing styles and techniques and bringing us a wonderful collection of cards, gift ware and printed ephemera all year round.

I for one will be purchasing only 100% handmade cards this year!

...We did in fact interview Bec way back at easter time so you can watch our little video and meet her here.

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