Something for the ladies: 'Ruby Tuesday'

Who doesn't love upcycling and saving the planet in a stylish way?..Exactly.  And show me a girl that doesn't love jewellery...and I'll show you a fibber...

That's why we are certain that you're going to enjoy meeting our friend Rebecca aka 'Ruby Tuesday' at the next event with her unique homewares and jewellery:

'I started making and selling jewellery just over a year ago. I’ve always loved jewellery, in fact in my year 10 year book my ‘most likely career’ was to own a jewellery shop! 

I sell online but I love doing craft and vintage fairs where I get to a chance to see people reactions to my collection. I also have a unit in the Nichols Building in Sheffield where I display most of my larger items and furniture. 

I started upcycling vintage homewares after seeing an article on the Guardian website.  Scouring carboots, charity shops and auctions is all part of the fun; I love anything pretty and shiny! I then use my finds to create unique and interesting pieces.

I’m currently at Sheffield Uni studying philosophy but when I finish next year my plan is to open my own shop in Sheffield.'


Find Ruby Tuesday at Leeds Corn Exchange on Sat Oct 6th - reetsweet is always free entry!

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