reetsweet sheffield: march 10th previews (and a surprise for saturday!)

We can reveal that the first ten people through the door on saturday's fair will get a free gift! We open at 11am upstairs at the Millennium Gallery - in the Arundel Room - now back to the previews!

One of my favourite things to collect is embroidery, I like quirky pieces, and have an awful lot of time for this lady - Hayley Wright who runs 'Born Restless'...

'Born Restless is a collection of embroidered art and jewellery, made by someone who is trying to live a little better and work a little less. Currently living in Manchester, I make most of the things you’ll see on here in my bedroom at night, whilst listening to ghost stories on the radio.

I’m inspired by ideas of home and memory, the occult, and the psychology of serial killers, as well as anything else that seems like a great idea at the time.'

See you soon Sheffield!

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