reetsweet sheffield: march 10th previews

Good week reetsweeters?

Happy weekend! It's just a week to go until our event at The Millennium Gallery, Sheffield on Sat 10th March ... And there's still a lot of makers that we haven't revealed yet, and secrets up our sleeve, we open at 11am, and the first 10 people through the door will receive a prize, so make sure you get down fast!

Sian Wheatcroft is joining us from 'Strawberry Kitten', Sian made one of my favourite things ever - a panda bear that sits in my bedroom wearing a scarf (hey, I never said I was mature!) and she has a unique talent for making lovely bears and homewares that adults and kids can enjoy - they are not only super cute, but also super stylish! I am very excited about her new pieces...

(sian wheatcroft)



  1. Really looking forward to next weekend! I'll make sure I get up early.

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