hello leeds: easter fair previews!

Wow doesn't time fly? It seems like yesterday we were putting up christmas trees, and here I am about to talk to you about the easter fair! Well, it's the perfect time of year for craft easter I think, spring is springing, and there's chocolate eggs and lambs in the fields. It's awesome. A great time to spruce up your home with something lovely a handmade, and you can't go wrong with anything made by these guys...

are always a big hit at reetsweet, Brionny and her friend both try their hand at a range of crafts - from illustration to crocheting, to cushion making! Their biggest hit with the crowd (and one that gets a lot of people talking) is the crochet taxidermy heads, I think these two will go on to BIG THINGS, they have imagination in buckletloads and are lovely ladies...

Catch them at reetsweet's easter fair on sat 7th april - leeds corn exchange, see here for more info....more updates in the next few days, featuring more new makers and news!

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