hello leeds: easter fair preview of 'magasin'

I'm not keen on much cross stitch - not because I don't appreciate the skill and patience involved in it - but mostly because much of it has been done before. However, throw in something a little bit different and make it new - and I'm on it like a scotch bonnet!! On etsy my friend mother eagle is doing some amazing work, and at april reetsweet Sarah Fordham will be showing you some of her work in this super cute medium...

Introducing 'Magasin' by Sarah Fordham; specialising in Cross Stitch and Embroidery, she has created a selection of Jewellery, Accessories and Decorative Homewares.

Most known for her over-sized Cross Stitch Badges which have been worn by the likes of Radio DJ and TV presenter Fearne Cotton! Her work features moustaches, birds, 'jerk' badges...Ooh - fancy! (and funny!) Check out her etsy coverage here!

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