reetsweet valentine's fair: 'Et Respice Finem...'

Yet another maker to introduce all our followers to for the valentine's fair in Leeds:

I have known Ms Lauren Holmes a long time and it has delighted me to see her grow into a strong and very sexily tattooed lady, and also into an amazing maker. Her range of jewellery 'Et Respice Finem...' ('Look to the end') is a very wearable and hip collection which has a broad appeal...

' My jewellery is created using semi precious stones, silver and leather. Usually assembled by me in the middle of the night while listening to an unofficial Game of Thrones podcast and eating Party Rings. I'm inspired by nature, the past, the sky, the sea, taxidermy... all manner of odd things.

I'm pleased to say that at the February Reetsweet I'll be launching the first of my Spring pieces! Expect more statement necklaces, brass, pale shades of blue and green...'

Head to her excellent blog here to see more of her life, loves and makes.

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