a hopeful potter joins the reetsweet team...

It is always a great pleasure (and big endeavour!) going through all the submissions for each event and picking the best - the most original, the highest quality local craft. I have always had a great respect for the art of ceramics - my mother was a huge collector when I was younger and I am sure she would love the earthy, yet chic simplicity of our newest maker...

His name is David Worsley, of Dove St Pottery and he has an excellent blog here all about his wonderful work:

' I make functional domestic ware to be used in people's homes everyday. My pottery is about combining aesthetics with functional and practical use, bringing form and glaze together into one harmonious whole. I want my pots to be accessible and affordable, so that people feel able to use them everyday without them being thought so precious that they can only be brought out when Aunty comes round - 'handmade', as part of people's normal, everyday lives.'

We couldn't have put it better ourselves...go to www.reetsweet.com for more info and times for the up and coming fairs - Dove St Pottery will be at our valentine's fair feb 11th.

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