reetsweet @ nation of shopkeepers preview!

So, it's our first mini event at NATION OF SHOPKEEPERS on Saturday May 28th from 12pm to 5pm, this event is a chance for new and established local crafters to showcase and sell their works, alongside lovely music and cakes! We are really excited, so here we begin a short introduction to who's joining us there to exhibit...

New to reetsweet we have Matt Saunders aka RabbitPortal, Matt draws dreamy pictures and makes stunning prints. His work has recently caught my imagination even more as he has begun using pieces of wood to paint on and this adds a lovely texture and earthiness to his intricate and escapist style.

Reetsweet is also proud to introduce to you Katy Kamikaze, the kawaii princess! Katy uses japanese kawaii fabrics to create purses, bags and other small accessories. Everything is beautifully sewn together and has a bright and fun feel...

Kayliegh O'Mara has been to a few of reetsweet's bigger events, her quirky simple style of illustration has always
been a huge hit at our fairs and we don't expect there to be much left at the end of the day on the 28th!...tea or coffee?

Lauren Holmes has long been one of Leeds' coolest alternative girls, with the best tats on the planet, we welcome her to reetsweet with her very special modern gothic accessories and some of her orginal photography...

...more to come in this preview! Keep checking back! And see you on May 28th at Nation of Shopkeepers!

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