memo helen joins reetsweet!

"Hello, I am Helen a.k.a Memo, I work as an illustrator and screen printer and am currently based in Leeds. I graduated in 2007 with a first class degree in Visual Studies at Norwich School of Art & Design. I'd say my main interests are screen printing and collecting. I draw the things I collect and turn them into screen printed zines and limited edition prints. I also print greetings cards, tote bags and brooches amongst other things. My favourite things include coffee, dogs and my big collection of old things- kitsch ornaments and homewares from the 1940s-60s. I like objects that have a history, new things are boring to me, uninteresting.

I regularly exhibit in shows across the UK, currently I have a number of prints on display at the Bowery in Leeds, alongside a mural I just painted there. At the moment I'm working on as number of exciting projects including a book cover design, a new card range and new prints for shows later this summer."

Helen will be appearing at the June show @ the corn exchange on sunday June 5th! Very excited!

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