Beky's jewellery box...

The Vintage Jewellery box aka Beky Hasnip, creates wonderful easy to wear pieces of jewellery, very girly, very sweet, and a lot more original than your run of the mill overpriced high street stock. Beky always has a huge selection of bits to tickle everyone's taste...

'I’ve been making jewellery for myself for as long as I remember but it was only a few years ago that I started to think other people might like it too! I love the idea of creating something unique and the pleasure that comes from having other people choose to wear my pieces as well just doesn’t wear off!

All of my pieces revolve around vintage and vintage-inspired charms and I’m mostly inspired by vintage buttons, lockets, cameos and cabochons. In fact, my current obsession with vintage buttons is in danger of getting out of control – the trouble is I want to keep them all!

But I satisfy myself with making them into beautiful things that I hope you love as much as me!'

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