animals to the rescue!

When times are hard, it's weeks til payday, your relationship is on the rocks and work's a stress, there are so many little things that can make you feel better...a nice cup of tea, a chat with a friend, fresh cookies, watching a bit of trash tv or reading a book, these things save us! One thing that always cheers me up and makes me fall back in love with the world a bit is an original craft idea and Ryanimals is certainly that...

'I'm Ryan and I make Ryanimals. The idea was born when I saw my grandma Margaret dressed in a slug costume. She looked cute, yet utterly bizarre and I decided this was something I would try to emulate in my work. Each doll is unique and lovingly handcrafted, with a handpainted fimo face and a cuddly, plush body. The dolls have varying functions, from simple furry mascots to quirky photograph displays; all of which can be personalised to make that gift extra special.'

They are funny, totally one of a kind, and this is Ryan's first reetsweet...we cannot wait!

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