New to reetsweet? What should you expect?

We have quite a few new followers on the blog, and on the facebook page - so to welcome you all - happy new year! What is reetsweet and why should you come down and see our events?

Reetsweet began as a little blog I used to write about things I loved, mostly handmade beauties or expensive trinkets I could not afford, and then, like many bloggers I lost interest - but then I realised what I was passionate about - not just shopping, handmade shopping! Who wants to buy some mass produced rubbish made halfway around the world where the person working in the factory was paid tuppence to work too fast, with poor materials!? No, we want beautiful homewares, jewellery and oddities made here in the Uk, handmade, no mass produced rubbish - just quality one offs that are different - fun! And inject humour into the world.

And so last autumn we began reetsweet's craft fairs - here's some pictures of what to expect at the Corn Exchange on feb 6th...see you there x

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