Zincwhite by Lidia and Paul...

'Lidia and Paul are ‘zincwhite’, a creative adventure that started two years ago when we decided to combine talents (art and architecture backgrounds respectively). Our hoard of found treasures, known as ‘rubbish’ to other people, became the source and the inspiration for creating unique pieces. Zincwhite then became the place where discarded objects become desirable again.

Against the throw away society we live in - particularly in fashion, we enjoy re-inventing with waste materials, to bring them back into life to campaign for a new way of thinking and living.

We also aim to bring fairness into fashion by recognising the need to avoid falling into the trap of superficiality and frivolity. We wish to offer an affordable alternative to spending hundreds of pounds on what many believe to be designer ‘tat’.

Having already modified our way of looking at typewriters, colouring pencils, shirts, zips, buttons, audio cassettes, tents, plastic toys, records and cutlery we are still on the look for new challenges and materials.

Come to Reetsweet 2 to discover all the new goodies we have been working on.'

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