Mother Eagle @ reetsweet christmas edition..

Mother Eagle is the brainchild of Katie Tume and appeared at our last event, Katie continues to keep up the standard of her fantastic work, creating timeless pieces of handmade jewellery.

Whats the name of your stall and how did you choose it? Mother Eagle...the reason is a bit of a secret, but if you listen to the song Wrong Girl by Jane's Addiction, you might get it ;)

How did you start out making handmade?
I guess back when I was about 11 or 12 was when i can first remember seriously making stuff. it was even jewellery back then actually - i used to sell it at school. Miss Richardson my textiles teacher was particularly keen on my hand painted peruvian clay earrings as i recall.

What keeps you inspired? Halloween, love, Japan, pirates, Rock and roll, toadstools, pumpkins, skulls and bones, Deer and Owls, all of which can be made better by being zombies.

What kind of customer do you find enjoys your work?
I am always surprised by this, as I'm always thinking of a specific kind of girl i'm making for, but I think it has a pretty wide appeal - I think most people can find something in there they like.

...Just a taster here of some more of her work. See her on Dec 5th at the Corn Exchange, Leeds...

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