reetsweet says hello to stephsayshello!

I think I would like to stake a claim as being Steph Baxter's no 1 fan (aka stephsayshello), I first stumbled accross some of her work in the fab 'oh comely' magazine and noticed she lived nearby. Never in a million did I think she would want to take part in reetsweet and come have a stall (woop!), so I was even more delighted when Steph agreed to design our next few flyers - frame them guys, and collect each one as one day I promise, this girl will be very very's Steph telling us a bit more about herself! See her at reetsweet on sunday!...

Whats the name of your stall and how did you choose it?

Aw, I'm quite boring really - Steph Says Hello is just the name of my Illustration business, I wanted to keep some continuity so I stuck with the same name. I can't actually remember the reason why I decided "Steph Says Hello" was a good idea. I think I just wanted something simple and happy. Like me, pretty much!

How did you start out making handmade?
I've always been into making things. I think its just my creative nature. I remember when I was about 6 making everyone painted flower pots for Christmas. I mean literally everyone. They were pretty terrible, looking back.. But I've always loved making things. I'm really getting into it now and would love to have a business doing it alongside my illustration work.

What keeps you inspired?
I've found the internet to be my biggest source of inspiration. You can find so many lovely, pretty things to look at - I have to limit my time on here because I could easily get nothing done at all. I particularly like looking through Flickr, Folksy & Etsy. You can find some really, really beautiful things to buy and be inspired by!

What kind of customer do you find enjoys your work? I actually don't think I could answer that! I always think that I have an idea of who would typically buy my things (female, 20's, into arts & crafts.. So me really!) But I'll continually surprised and get a complete mix of customers, which is really nice. Generally everyone is who buys from me though, is pretty playful and maybe has a childish sense of humour and fun :)

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