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Heather Linnitt, owner and maker of 'Eclectic Chair' told me a bit about herself, her business and inspirations today... Heather makes pretty and arresting handmade limited edition cushions in kimono silk and vintage fabrics.

Whilst reading a feature in an interiors magazine about an upholstery course in Wales a few years ago, Heather took on a totally new career path. She signed up for the course and never looked back, setting up her own upholstery business in 2005 alongside developing a range of handmade cushions in rare and vintage fabrics.

Favourite piece? The acid hydrangea cushion is my current favourite. The colours are amazing, almost fluorescent, and the design is so pretty and unusual.

What’s your passion? Looking for fabric. I often spend hours at the computer, searching for silk scarves, vintage fabric and kimono silk. I love it when the kimono fabric arrives as it’s always exquisitely packaged, wrapped around a small tube, sealed in cellophane fixed with pretty floral tape. It’s like receiving a gift!

What’s special about your collection? It is extremely limited edition because the kimono fabric, for example, will often never be found again and each piece that I buy will only provide me with enough to make 3 cushions.

What inspires you?
Many things! I am attracted to pattern and colour. From folky bohemian to Scandinavian minimal to 1950s floral to 1970s geometric. A real eclectic mix. I am always buying interiors magazines and I keep them for years as they are a wonderful source of inspiration. I am also a massive fan of Emily Chalmers’ eclectic styling (of the London boutique Caravan) .

Press! On seeing Heather’s range of cushions, Suzie Forbes, Editor of Easy Living magazine, immediately bought four cushions for herself and featured them in the June 2010 issue’s editor’s letter. Heather’s eclectic cushions are a chic and cheap way to add a designer punch to your living space.

See and buy Heather's work next sunday 5th dec at Leeds Corn Exchange!

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