new exhibitor - 'i've made you something...' by Claire Bellia

An interview with Claire Bellia:

I'm a student in my last year at Leeds College of Art...

I'm an illustrator and love to create images through using various print methods, most commonly screenprinting. I also enjoy to hand cut and laser cut images and embellishments within my work.

My work concentrates on repeat pattern/wallpaper design and also illustration. But recent work has found me delving into the subject of 'the female body' and this idea of 'beauty' and 'perfection' within society today.

Through the print process and cutting, the images are all somehow a little different, this is important to me, in giving my work a personal feel and for anyone who buys my work, knowing they have a unique piece/image, made for them.

My latest project is working on putting together some pieces of wooden jewelry, but I've also been sewing and hope to bring you some of these new and excitingly cute goodies at Reetsweet in November, as well as my prints.
I sell my work at various crafts fairs and you can also find my work at 'On The Wall' - poster shop in Leeds. From the 16th-21st I have a residency at the 42 New Briggate in town, so pop in and have a peek :)

....Claire will be appearing at the reetsweet craft event on Nov 7th at the Leeds Corn Exchange.

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