Leeds' Mother Eagle...

Also appearing at Reetsweet: Mother Eagle
AKA Katie Tume is having a reincarnation as an embroidery label, although you may know her work through the original focus of the little Leeds brand - handmade jewellery. Mother Eagle is in its 3rd year, and Katie will be selling lots of her charm-based silver and gold-plated necklaces and charm bracelets at the reetsweet event on 7th Novemb
er. The boutique at Redbrick Mill - 'We are Devoted' is also the sole stockist of her work. Mother Eagle jewellery is inspired by several themes including folklore, mythology, dark fairy tales and pirates (everyone loves a pirate). Pretty much all Mother Pieces include semi precious stones and are completely hand made.

So what about the shift to needlework? It's been a passion of the designer's for a while, and the decision to shift her focus completely towards embroidered pieces and objects has happened really recently - so it's a reetsweet exclusive! You can follow her work at her blog, where you can also click through to Mother Eagle's facebook page, which features a lot more of her jewellery. Katie will be working on some of her embroidery pieces at the Reetsweet event, so come and check it out!

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