Reetsweet this saturday: The final roundup!...Sallyann Jewellery

Keep on popping back in the next 24 hours whilst we quickly run through the last of our bookingws for the fair this weekend.

If you love jewellery, you're in for a treat, as we welcome a unique silver jeweller Sarah...

'In 2010, I began an Interdisciplinary Art & Design University course that in turn gave me to access to the fine metal/jewellery workshop – I dropped the paintbrush and easel and found a Hammer and a bench. I have not looked back since. I can’t get enough of the process of turning silver sheet and wire into creations born from my mind into the portable art that is jewellery. 

I work predominately in sterling silver – my pieces are classic and simple in design, although on occasion with quite complicated and technical elements. Taking inspiration and starting themes from a number of sources such as; Fairy stories and nature to fine art. My final year project is based on the stories; Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel and Rumplestilskin.

The ‘Eclipse’ range takes its inspiration from the sun and moons interaction during this time, the simple circle and the negative spaces that occur within it.  Removing a section and replacing elsewhere. Texture is then applied using various materials.
All my pieces are individually made with the intention and aim to never recreate the same piece twice. 

On occasion I repurpose Sheffield sterling silver cutlery items into jewellery – a spoon into a ring – a butter knife into a brooch. I always use Sheffield silver items, as that’s my local assay stamp region. Some people may frown on this, but I see it as giving the items a new lease of life, bringing them from the backs of drawers and into the light -  how often do people really show their spoons off?

I love to work on commissioned pieces. Usually a piece of jewellery is made, then through the purchasing and owning of it, memories and emotions are then attached. By commissioning jewellery, emotions and memories are used in its very design. It is born from those attachments. It is always more then, than simply a piece of jewellery – it is a physical, tangible item that will always invoke the memories and emotions that will be a powerful symbolic object for the owner and subsequent generations that follow.

I create not only jewellery, but portable art. I often, create a specific case or display for the piece, to allow it to be viewed and on show, when not worn.'

See you on saturday - from 10am to 5pm at Leeds Corn Exchange!

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