New maker for April: Suzy Jones of 'Smallest Design Studio'

At reetsweet we love to celebrate the quirky, the bright and the beautiful! Suzy, with her business 'Smallest' pretty much sums up everything we love about handmade...

'Smallest is a design company that specialises in handmade products for children and the young at heart. The company was founded in 2012 by Suzy Jones. Inspired by her daughter, Suzy refound her love of drawing and making. Smallest is growing from the dining table to a studio based business with a passion for beautiful, quirky and simple design.

All fabrics are designed by Suzy Jones and printed using a combination of digital and screen printing processes. Unique products are then created with love and care in the Smallest design studio in Lancashire.  

Smallest’s dolls are all handmade by Suzy in her studio. She uses recycled, antique and upcycled material to produce these delicate, one of a kind characters.  Suzy takes her inspiration from the world around her, recurrent themes are science, nature and winter.'

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