Feb Fair Preview: Two amazing ladies...

We have two makers for your perusal today, (I know my generosity knows no bounds!) Jenny and Lucy, two very talented designer/makers who will be sharing a stall at the Feb event on the 2nd. 

Old friends, with big ideas, I think you'll find it hard to pick what to buy from these beauties, I pretty much want it all, as always!...

Coo & Co
The Coo & co brand was established in 2011 as the vehicle for the work of designer/ maker Jenny McCabe.

The mission behind Coo & co is to use natural and where possible recycled and upcycled materials, to make useful and stylish textile items.

All of Coo & co's work is printed and made lovingly by hand one at a time, it is produced in a small studio near the beautiful Lake District in the northwest of England. All our inks are water based and environmentally friendly, we reuse as many off cuts as possible within our designs so nothing is wasted.

Jenny’s designs are inspired by her observations of the natural world, all the designs come from original drawings and are worked with in the sketchbook until a pattern starts to emerge. The choice of fabrics is very important to the style, natural and raw linens and cottons work best, lending their beautiful imperfections to each piece.

Little lost soul
Lucy Pass has worked as a freelance artist since leaving college in 2005, producing commissioned oil paintings and expanding her personal port-folio. Her work is figurative and often interspersed with geometric shapes and blocks of colour. More recently she has rekindled her love of printing and fashion design. This has allowed her to look at her work from a new perspective, taking the strongest sections of her paintings and translating them into simplified, streamlined images. These images can then be printed as repeating patterns or as one distinct design, to be used on a broad range of products.

Not content unless her hands are busy making something, there has never been a time when art hasn’t dominated Lucy’s life. She believes that being surrounded by art and design can only have a positive impact, so making it accessible to everybody, even to the smallest degree, is extremely important.

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