New maker: The makings of Mrs Bertimus...

Are we enjoying the new chill in the air?  The massive influx of freshers and all the new season's collections, collectables and trends?  I certainly cannot wait to start my christmas shopping as I like to get organised!  This lady may have a few perfect presents...

'Mrs Bertimus loves sketching, (especially dogs that she has surreptitiously papped whilst on her travels).
All the bags, scarves, cushions and other fripperies are one-of-a-kinds, and all the fabrics used are vintage or recycled.
The screen printing inks are water based, (they are kinder to the planet and my kitchen sink!)
Everything is made on my trusty (but a bit rusty,) sewing machine, which was a present I was given when I was thirteen, (I was gutted at the time because I wanted a pair of pedal pushers!)'
'The Makings Of Mrs Bertimus' has a face book page, a blog ( and a little Etsy shop which can be found on .

Find her at reetsweet october 6th, at Leeds Corn Exchange!

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