reetsweet june: the art of illustration with ruth jamieson

There is something magical about this lady's work, and at reetsweet we have a huge appreciation for the unusual, and for the unique...

We are absolutely delighted to be showcasing Ruth Jamieson's work at the next fair in June, Ruth is an artist and tattooist currently based in Leeds city centre, and has had a skill for drawing since a young age. 

Ruth’s work is inspired by the decadent 1920’s, particularly Berlin’s vibrant Weimar period. Christopher Isherwood, The Bauhaus School of Art and the Dada movement have all influenced her creations, leaving her work with a sumptuous yet dark undertone.

Predominately using black and grey in her drawings, she has recently taken to incorporating light colour washes, reminiscent of vintage fashion illustrations.  Ruth will be selling prints, bags, badges and mirrors of her artwork at Reetsweet's Summer Fair June 2nd, meanwhile, enjoy more of her work here.

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