easter fair: preview of red anchor emporium

New to reetsweet leeds on saturday is Ellie aka Red An
chor Emporium, hailing from Derbyshire. Ellie is a burlesque performer and established Red Anchor Emporium in 2010. Surrounded by crafts and especially textiles growing up, her grandparents had their own lingerie company and Ellie used to spend school holidays there as her mum also worked for them.

Ellie is inspired by the fashions and styles of the 40s and 50s, and by the glamour of the silver screen and the burlesque queens of its heyday. She is also a collector of buttons and boxes full of trim. She creates beautifully finished underwear and stocking bags, purses and pouches, and they are all fully satin lined, she uses vintage fastenings and buttons and each item is one of a kind...catch her from 10am at reetsweet this sat at leeds corn exchange.

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