reetsweet sheffield: reetsweet's guide to sheffield!

(vertiline in love handmade @ the nichols building)

we are very excited about our next event on sat 10th march in sheffield, and especially since we have had time to see so much more of this wonderful city as we have been out and about promoting it!

so, the bessie and i have been looking around, finding the best places to see and want to give you a little guide to the steel city of chic!!

we started out near the train station, just 2 mins walk away is the showroom an independently run cinema set in an art deco building - the films they choose are far more interesting than your average multiplex and they have a lovely eatery and bar next door - well worth staying around in sheffield for after the shops have closed!

(the view from the town centre looking up to the
iconic and now reinvented park hill)

now... as you walk up the hill from the station there's obviously the millennium gallery, not only has it got some excellent exhibits on all year round, they have a great design shop - pop in there, then head on up into the winter gardens (basically a stunning indoor garden) and go to fancie in there to get a cake we recommend the snickerlicious!!

tip: as you walk through the city look out for lots of amazing street art hidden on the side of the buildings...

into the town centre, there's the usual spots such as topshop etc, but if you walk up into the student area (just past the civic hall) you'll find a great little street called devonshire street.

we especially liked freshman's vintage - just off devonshire st - it's the first right, it is run by a really friendly guy and has really good quality and fairly priced vintage - we got some short shorts for summer! saucy!

back on devonshire street, you'll find the forum which is a bit like afflecks in manchester (only nicer), it has a cafe bar which does nice tapas (or as i like to say tap-ass!) and just inside, after you've snacked there's a shopping bit with a tattoo place, a cool independent designer/maker shop called 'don't feed the bears' selling handmade hair accessories, and handprinted tees and wallets.

there's also 'syd and mallory' an excellent vintage shop in the forum too. what we liked about it was they ha
d a really on trend selection of stock, and they were selling their own reworked vintage which included some lovely dresses and hand studded bags.

now you've been around the town, it's best you head out on any eighty numbered bus up to eccleshall road - ask the driver to drop you at the bit near sharrowvale rd - which runs parallel to eccleshall road. it's a little street lined with vintage, cakes, antique furniture, artisan breadmakers and best of all - loads of little galleries.

(cocoa wonderland on eccleshall rd)

once you've poked around there, make beeline back on to eccleshall road and go to 'cocoa wonderland' which is about half way down - the smell of this shop is so awesome - i thoroughly recommend the hot choc as it's thick and spanish style...mmmmmmmm! you can sit in the back and have cake and drinkies or take a bag of penny sweets away!

there's also a heap of very good quality charity shops down this street and a plac
e called 'mookau' which has nice cards and had rob ryan crockery...i had to step away! now, all you have to do to get back to the city centre is bob back on any eighty numbered bus - voila!

last but not least, there is also a great place called 'the nichols building' on the edge of the town the other side of the city, which hosts a number of vintage furniture sellers and handmade shops such as 'moonko' (one of our reetsweet makers and sellers on march 10th) and 'vertiline in love' selling everything from hand embroidered knitwear to handprinted stati
onery...well worth a look - i found a vintage magazine rack for £5!

(vintage @ the nichols building)

so, even if you aren't from sheffield - why not take a day trip over on march 10th visit us, and visit this thriving and creative city! thanks to everyone that has been helping promote our next event and to the lovely people of sheffield who have made us feel so welcome, expecially the bus driver who helped me when i got lost!

(vintage @ the nichols building)

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  1. I love this post! I must head to the Eccleshall Road area some time it looks very cool!