reetsweet sheffield: march 10th previews

Hello again reetsweeters!

I always have time for jewellery, don't you? Even when things are tight, I can always spare a few pennies for some nice jewellery! Purveyor of some lovely vintage look pieces is Laura from 'Laura's Lockets' who will be appearing at the March 10th event. Here's a preview of her newest stock and a bit about her...

'My jewellery making started off as a hobby and my desire to make something to wear that no one else was wearing. I’m self taught (with a little help from a few websites and books to start me off!) and my love of charms and crafting has evolved into my business Laura’s Locket Jewellery.

I live and work in Sheffield and have been making jewellery for the last 6-7 years attending many of the Sheffield-based fairs and markets and selling through my website. This tends to keeps my craft addiction at bay but after moving into my first house I am feeling the need for everything to be handmade!'

'I aim to provide a range of pretty vintage inspired jewellery often with a bit of a quirky twist. I love hunting for unusual charms and try to keep ahead of the high street chains (which is certainly a huge
challenge!). This usually means spending hours trawling the internet and bead shops and of course my range is full of lockets but I try and find lots of other lovely vintage charms too. My favourites at the moment are my printed lockets and animal charms but I continue to make some of my old favourites as well...'

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