reetsweet 2012: campaigning against crap craft

Okay, it's time to level with you all, we've all been there, we've been to shoddy shops selling badly crocheted hats, or gone to a craft fair that seems full to the brim of a load of badly stitched hair accessories, falling apart christmas tree decorations etc - at reetsweet we are campaigning this year against crap craft. (If you want inspiration for what we mean, have a look at regretsy, one of the funniest things I have read in ages and you'll catch my drift.)

There are many fairs cropping up, and lots of people jumping on the crafty bandwagon in mainstream shops, but at reetsweet we will continue to book only the brightest, and the best makers - and sift through the rubbish to bring you a fair that's really worth a free visit to! Giving a much needed platform for new designer/makers in your area.

Come and see us this saturday 11th feb from 10am to 5pm at the leeds corn exchange, just a 2minute walk from briggate...not in Leeds this weekend? Then come to Sheffield next month for our next event on March 10th at the Millenium Gallery - 2 minutes from the train know it makes sense!



  1. yay for the campaign against crap craft!

    good luck with the fair on Saturday, wish I could pop in but don't think I'll be able to make it.
    Rachel :)

  2. I know what you mean. I have been to several 'craft fairs' which have been absolutely dire. I am a crocheter, but making modern quirky designs (not toilet roll holders!)and I am fighting to see crochet accepted as a desirable modern medium. I have paid to sell at a craft fair and had retired crocheters/knitters selling their (badly made) wares at knock down prices. I will definitely be more selective with which fairs I sell at in future!

    I am also worried about the problem some people have with the word 'craft' as it is in my company name! I hope new, design-based fairs (like yours) will help 'rebrand' the word craft and give it a positive image.

    BUT PLEASE don't discount all crochet x

  3. I love crochet! Don't worry! And thanks for your lovely comments and support! :-)