The great british january!

Hello people!

I hope you have all enjoyed a nice festive period, and the doom and gloom of rain smacking your face with a 60 mile an hour wind isn't crushing your january buzz too much! Reetsweet is back on the scene, we have new dates for your diaries - bigger, better events, new collaborations and secret plans....

Leeds February 11th The Corn Exchange - Our Valentine's Fair
Open 10 am to 5pm, free entry

Sheffield March 10th The Millennium Gallery - Our Spring Spectacular

Open 11am to 5pm, free entry

Leeds April 7th The Corn Exchange - Our Easter Fair

Open 10am to 5pm, free entry

Makers, head to to apply to take part, visitors - get ready as we are already amazed at the work coming through for the 2012 events - the economy may be pants, but the makers of the north are going wild with their talents!

Big thanks to everyone that has visited or taken part last year, plus all the people helping spread the word - we hope you continue to enjoy reetsweet 2012!

Over and out!