why buy handmade? a call to arms (and local shops and events) from reetsweet...

I still meet a lot of people (young and old) who don't really 'get' what handmade is all about, and why businesses like reetsweet and other great fairs and events do what we do, or why handmade shops sell what they do.

We generally find once you've seen one of our events - you get it, but in case you haven't - here's a guide to why you should buy handmade this christmas:

You buy something unique - handmade with care - not made in a huge foreign factory

You support local businesses - keeping retail going in this difficult time - not the big retail outlets

You support local artists and makers to continue refining their work, keeping talent going

Art markets provide a great stepping stone for new business - vital in these times when rents are going up and shops are closing

Your support keeps creative people in your area - rather than going down to Old Landan

We have our next event in Leeds this weekend, and I will be posting lots of previews this week to tempt you in. Come and see what the handmade revolution is all about - buy handmade, and buy local this christmas!



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