reetsweet's christmas at sheffield: previews

Here at reetsweet we try to always find new and exciting makers for our events, we are particularly excited to have this young lady next fair - Katrine Brosnan - an illustrator and printmaker based in Nottingham, Katrine studied fine art and since then has explored her love of simple line drawings and illustrations, she turns these into screen prints and lino cuts.

'I love printmaking, the smell, the presses, the plates, the thickness of the ink and all the beautiful ephemera that goes with it. I find it really satisfies my urge to make! The inspiration for my illustrations come from everyday life, visiting new towns and cities or letting my mind wander when doing the washing up. I like to draw people I see who look full of character, whether these are familiar icons or perfect strangers. I sometimes collect surreptitiously drawn or snapped images of strangers to edit into print designs later on. I have started to categorise these, for instance I have a collection of strangers I’ve seen sleeping, men on public transport with their dogs and a series of images of people at airports (airport-raits.)

I have recently finished a commission for a menswear store called LiFE in Manchester. I’ve also just completed making my own range of shiny new wooden brooches and ceramic mugs. I’m a member of Leicester Print Workshop and am often spotted showing my crafty wares at fairs and markets across the East Midlands and beyond....'

Catch her at the reetsweet in sheffield on sunday 27th nov (that's next sunday folks!). For more info see

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